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The Spark Aligner Process

Spark Clear Aligners are similar to other clear aligner systems in the way they work to treat orthodontic conditions. Just like other leading aligner brands, Spark Clear Aligners use attachments to create a close, secure fit and direct force in the direction prescribed by Dr. Mibab.

Every orthodontic journey begins with a thorough orthodontic examination. Dr. Mibab will assess your specific orthodontic requirements to determine if you are a candidate for Spark clear aligner treatment. A digital scan of your teeth will be taken. With this scan, Dr. Mibab will create a digital treatment plan that is tailored for your specific orthodontic needs. Once Dr. Mibab approves the treatment plan, the Spark aligners are manufactured, and you can begin treatment as soon as they are delivered.

You will receive a series of aligners to wear continuously, or at least 22 hours a day. As you switch aligners, your teeth will gradually move into their proper position creating your new, beautiful smile.

Spark Clear Aligners must be worn as prescribed by Dr. Mibab in order to get the best results possible.